Tips For Finding Focus & Reducing Digital Distractions

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The reality of stay-at-home orders, remote work, and being constantly bombarded by news of how bad things can get has taken its toll on us all. For many of us, one detrimental result is that we’ve struggled more than ever to find the focus we need to be productive. The practice of attention management has become more important than ever, not just for our productivity, but for our peace of mind.[Read More...]

How Walker360 Kept Calm & Stayed Busy

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As an essential business, Walker360 remained fully operational and had the opportunity to host a blood drive at our Montgomery location. We partnered with a community organization, LifeSouth Community Blood Centers, and encouraged our fellow essential business neighbors to come out and donate as well. We had an extremely successful drive with 23 total donations! [Read More...]

Become a Pro at Productivity

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Many of us may be feeling less productive than usual right now and that’s understandable. It’s a challenging time for all but it also presents the opportunity to take advantage of a valuable resource: our time. Whether you’re working from home, getting back into the office, or just feeling unmotivated lately, these easy to implement tips may be just what you need.[Read More...]

Connecting & Building Trust in a Time of Social Distancing

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Now is not the time to stop marketing. By building and maintaining your brand through hard times, you can position yourself as a trusted, reliable, and reassuring presence in your industry. And as other brands cut back on their marketing efforts, you’ll not only stand out but also improve your competitive advantage. Here are just a few ways you can adapt your marketing methods during this surreal period of social distancing and isolation.[Read More...]

3 Work From Home Wellness Tips

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Daily routines are feeling much different for many of us right now as the world works to contain COVID-19. Every day it seems we face a new reality and have to adjust the way we live and work. Thousands of people are sitting in their new home office, or more likely the dining room table, trying to transform a traditional office job into a work from home job. And despite the new anything-goes dress code and endless supply of snacks, the transition can still take its toll. Here are three wellness tips to keep in mind as you navigate this unusual time.[Read More...]