Project Description

Russell Marine

Our client tasked us with creating a matching variable piece that invited and welcomed their members to a VIP-selected reception. Not only did the piece need to represent this annual reception and its significance, but it also needed to excite recipients enough to travel to the event during a busy time of year.
Walker360’s in house agency worked to develop an invitation that included a folding nest to hold the recipient’s individual tickets. Each piece was unique to the guest as their names were included on their ticket design along with variable ticket numbers for post-event tracking. Adding to the variable component, it was produced in a monochromatic color scheme on Mohawk Pastelle textured paper, both to enhance the importance of the piece and complement Russell Marine’s reception theme. The invitation was mailed in an Antique Vellum Straw A7 envelope for the ultimate opening experience.
The event was a raging success, even with the snowstorm that joined the reception. This project win would not have been successful were it not for our client’s willingness to experiment with print texture and color, our strong variable data capabilities, and our dedicated and determined team.