Project Description


Our client wanted to elevate their brand and build an experience around their presentation materials, with the goal of telling the story of Inkana through touch and visuals. They did not want to be seen as just building development but to extend their image to be seen as a partner.
Walker360’s in house agency worked to develop a new logo mark and collateral design that carried a simple message of partnership and commitment. With the new logo came a thoughtful and intricate pocket folder that doubled as a portfolio piece. A custom die allowed for a tri-panel pocket folder with soft touch laminate as the finishing touch. Business cards were also produced to accompany the piece.
Results have been more than we expected. The success of this project would not have been possible without our client’s trust in the logo redesign and our creative team’s outside-the-box thinking when it came to portfolio design. Walker360 was hired to produce a simple pocket folder, but instead created a functional, memorable experience for Inkana partners and prospects.

What they have to say…

“Here at Inkana, we were dealing with our original logo from 1996 which had become extremely dated. To the casual observer it was obvious we needed to be updated but our original logo was sort of sentimental, especially to our oldest partner. The design team at Fifth Advertising did a great job of walking us through a new logo concept that had meaning and was symbolic of how we like to do business. This process allowed everyone to feel comfortable letting go of the old. We think our new logo is terrific! The portfolio project was an idea that we had to try to deliver proposals in a new way. We wanted the portfolio to really portray a sense of professionalism and allow the recipient to immediately get a sense of who we are and our level of experience. Fifth did a great job of helping guide us through this process and allowed us to work very closely to get exactly what we wanted. In addition to the full-size portfolio, a smaller business card version came out of the creative process and is actually something we now take to all new clients. It has been received extremely well by everyone.”
- Austin Blackwell, Inkana Healthcare Development