Project Description

Alabama Society of CPAs

Our client wanted to not only celebrate their centennial anniversary, but they also wanted a complete redesign that truly represents them. We were tasked to create a magazine that told a story, educated, and remained true to their values, while kicking the design up a few notches.
Walker360’s design team collaborated with their communications department to map out the plan. Together we came up with the idea to tell the story of the Alabama Society of CPS’s over the last hundred years. The magazine introduces board members, member profiles, historical photos, event photos, and articles from over the years. They are telling the story of how they are connected and partnering with the community.
Alabama Society of CPA’s was able to show their members that they are more than just “another organization” and finally put a face to the name. The goal for this issue was to bring warmth, and a personality to the publication. This project was successful thanks to our client’s excitement and trust in our designers to truly bring their idea to life!

“It was not a difficult decision to ask Betty Holmes and Ashley Key (the team at Walker360) to help us refresh our magazine. They already understood that we are a conservative but forward-thinking organization who wants to provide our members with what Walker360 provides to clients like us: quality, relevant reflections of what we do, and resources for success.

The conversation about the redesign started naturally with all our options on the table. Through small design adjustments and previews of what we could look forward to, we enthusiastically saw that ASCPA CONNECTIONS would still be familiar to our members, but more aesthetic and consistent. Since the release of our Centennial Issue in January, our members have had nothing but praise and increased interest in what we shared with them in our freshly redesigned publication.

We believe more compliments will soon follow thanks to Fifth Advertising’s guidance through a fun, small production—with a fresh perspective—called: the magazine. We were inspired by a tongue-in-cheek piece (IKEA’s bookbook) that Walker360 shared via their e-newsletter, The Short Run. Within a day of approaching Fifth Advertising about replicating that same energy for our members, Haley Bridges and her colleagues began perfectly orchestrating every stage of creating a similar video and campaign to promote it for us.

Again, through easy collaboration and consistent communication the team at Fifth Advertising found a way to elevate the importance of our largest distributed printed publication in an amusing and relevant way. We’re looking forward to sharing the video and accompanying sneak-peek-gifs as a welcome back to the real world after this year’s bustling tax season and an invitation to keep our centennial celebrations going strong.”